Treatment Methods for Concussions

Do you play sports or have a child who plays sports? If so, chances are you have worried about the possibility of concussions if you have not already experienced a concussion all ready. Have you ever thought about chiropractic care for concussions? Let’s take a look at the benefits of chiropractic care for those who have suffered from a concussion.

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Concussions are a frequent topic of discussion. Now more than ever, concussions are taken very seriously. Whether you are a professional athlete, a student athlete or a member of the general public, coaches, trainers, doctors and parents are taking the treatment of concussions much more seriously than ever before. Improved awareness of concussion symptoms and an emphasis on treatment is helping improve outcomes for patients. Concussion diagnosis has advanced to the point where doctors, coaches, trainers, psychologists and parents are now very actively involved in preventing recurrent concussions. In the past, concussion treatment was strictly something that was handled by a team physician. In today’s world of ever-changing medicine, the treatment of concussions has become a collaborative effort. Let’s take a look at how chiropractors help with concussions.

What are Concussions?

Concussions are considered to be mild, traumatic brain injuries. The symptoms of concussions may vary, but are often severe and can linger for extended periods of times. Common symptoms of concussions include headaches, vomiting, nausea, memory loss, dizziness, blurred vision and ringing of the ears. Mood changes as well as emotional changes are also very common when it comes to concussions. Some individuals, who suffer from concussions, will also experience the inability to concentrate — this can make school or work very difficult.

Early diagnosis of concussions are very important. Removal from sports and other activities is key in reducing the duration of an individual’s symptoms as well as reducing the likelihood of experiencing recurrent concussions.

How Chiropractors Can Help with Concussions?

While sports are the most common cause of concussions in the United States, accidental falls as well as motor vehicle accidents contribute significantly to concussion occurrence. Sports, falls and car accidents often bring patients into chiropractic offices for treatment concussions. So, how can chiropractors help with concussions? Chiropractors have gone through extensive training in the recognition of concussion symptoms. Many concussion patients are already chiropractic patients. Chiropractors, who receive post-graduate certificates in neurology or sports medicine, will have very extensive training in the field of concussions.

One of the often overlooked components of a concussion is the possibility of a neck injury. Chiropractors help with concussions by diagnosing and treating neck injuries. Neck injuries frequently accompany concussions, but are often never treated because we are so focused on alleviating concussion symptoms that we forget to take into account how the concussion may have affected the neck. Often times, the symptoms of a neck injury can mimic the symptoms of a concussion.

Without the help of a chiropractor, it can be near impossible to differentiate between the two. Neck injuries can linger just like concussions do. If an athlete or anyone is hit in the head too hard, cranial bones can be moved. Chiropractors are trained in adjustments.

Chiropractors help with neck pain as well as concussion symptoms. If you suspect head or neck injury, it is very important to visit a doctor as soon as possible. You should avoid exercise, participation in sports and other vigorous activities until you have visited with a doctor.

Professional Athletes who have used Chiropractic Care:

Pittsburgh Penguins captain and Olympic gold medal winner, Sidney Crosby experienced a concussion that sidelined him for months. Sidney Crosby saw a chiropractic neurologist to help him get back to playing hockey.

The Vancouver Canucks, as well as many other professional sports teams (contact sports in particular) have a team chiropractor on staff.

Dallas Stars, Mike Modano, has been a long-time advocate for the use of chiropractic care for hockey players. He indicates that chiropractic care helps with recovery time and also helps the body to respond better to all the stress hockey places on it.

Seven time Tour De France winner, Lance Armstrong, has been a long-time advocate of chiropractors. He even brings his personal chiropractor with him to every single Tour De France.

Emmit Smith is a three-time Super Bowl champion, who attributes chiropractic care to much of his success. Emmit Smith had a long, healthy career thanks to chiropractic care.

Chiropractic physicians are very, well-trained in concussion diagnosis and treatment as well as in the diagnosis and treatment of the neck injuries that so frequently accompany concussions. Delaying treatment of neck symptoms until your concussion resolves is not advisable; this may impede recovery and cause symptoms to linger.

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